Bedeschi’s latest projects in South America

At the beginning of 2016, Bedeschi was awarded a contract by its long-standing customer, the Chirino family, based in Mendoza, for the installation of an automatic programming line with two 700-kg robots. The line was intended to manufacture 800 t clay bricks per day.

The system was designed to avoid the frequent breakage of the dry material and to increase production up to 800 t per day. For this purpose, the existing line has been extended with two new lines, both equipped with a mixer, to align the products before they are loaded onto the kiln cars without any interruption to production.


In addition, in 2017, Bedeschi signed a contract with the Argentine company Later-cer for the supply of equipment for various plants, which has already been supplied with equipment by Bedeschi in the past.

The goal of these measures is to improve clay preparation. The scope of supply includes a CNL 10/1500 bucket, a GDR 20/10 rotary filter and an LPS 12 x 10 roller mill, a rotating filter with grid GDF 800, a laminating system LPS 12 x 10  and an LSP 7 machine for removing stones.

Cerro Negro

In the same year, Bedeschi signed another contract in Argentina with the customer Cerro Negro concerning machines for the two plants Olavarria and Campana. The supply consists of one CNG 6/1200 bucket, one LPS 12 x 12 roller mill equipped with flat belt, a GG4500 double-shaft mixer and a BED 750 extruder.

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