Beralmar commissions new plant in Kazakhstan

Beralmar, the Spanish plant engineering company, has successfully commissioned the new Astana Ceramic plant, on the outskirts of Astana, in Kazakhstan.

Here, 350 t/day (30 mill. NF/year) of solid, hollow and thermoclay bricks are produced. Beralmar supplied a Llevant dryer with direct kiln car stacking and a Presthermic airtight tunnel kiln in addition to all the mechanical equipment, from cutter to packaging. The two dryer tunnels and one firing tunnel have a length of 106 m and a useful width of 4.70 m, the useful height measures 1.54 m.

The entire plant works exclusively with coal. The kiln is equipped with a Promatic grinding and coal injection installation. The dryer is fed with heat recovered from the kiln and from heat generated by an exchanger using coal combustion.

This competitive production plant manufactures a large family of products on a simple and easy-to-manage fully automated production line, with minimized labour requirement, as well as low thermal consumption and low energy consumption.

Beralmar Tecnologic S.A.

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