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Wolfgang Reithofer to retire at the end of July 2009 – Heimo Scheuch to become new CEO on August 1, 09

At Wienerberger AG a change in management will take place at mid-year. Wolfgang Reithofer will retire and resign as the CEO of the Group on July 31, 2009. In the future, Wolfgang Reit-hofer will be available to support the Supervisory Board in an advisory capacity. Heimo Scheuch, longstanding COO and Deputy CEO since the beginning of this year, will become the new CEO on August 1, 2009.

The current position of Heimo Scheuch as COO will remain vacant, and the Managing Board of Wienerberger AG will be comprised of three members in the future. With the reduction of the Managing Board and the resulting additional work for each member, Wienerberger is also setting a clear signal that cost awareness represents a key focus for top management. The new Managing Board will be comprised of Heimo Scheuch as CEO and, as in the past, Johann Win-disch as COO and Willy Van Riet as CFO. According to the new distribution of duties, Heimo Scheuch will be responsible for the core ceramic building materials business outside Europe as well as concrete products and Johann Windisch will direct the core ceramic building materials business in Europe. The terms of office for the three members of the Managing Board extend to May 21, 2014.

Wolfgang Reithofer with Wienerberger since 1981 – CEO since 2001

Wolfgang Reithofer, who became a member of the Wie-nerberger Managing Board in 1985 and Deputy CEO in 1992, has been CEO of the Group since May 2001. His era marked the start of the internationalization of Wie-nerberger AG through expansion into Germany during 1986. Reithofer played a decisive role in this development during his term as CEO, and Wienerberger now operates production facilities in 26 countries.

Heimo Scheuch COO and since Jan. 1, 2009 Deputy CEO

Heimo Scheuch joined Wie-nerberger AG in 1996 as an assistant to the Managing Board. He subsequently became a member of the senior management of Terca Bricks in Belgium and the Netherlands in 1997, where he was appointed to CEO in 1999. In May 2001 he was appointed by the Supervisory Board to the Managing Board of Wie-nerberger AG as COO, with responsibility for North-West Europe and Germany. Heimo Scheuch is also in charge of marketing and product development, where he has played an important role in strengthening the Group’s expertise through the steady expansion and improvement of these activities. Since January 1, 2009 he has also served as Deputy CEO.

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