Ceratec commissions dehacking station at Baggeridge Brick Plc

In June 2008 Ceratec installed and put in service a dehacking, sorting and packaging station at Baggeridge Brick Plc, Hartlebury, U.K. The installation is designed to package waterstruck bricks shaped on a Peterson press and then dried and fired. The scope of delivery included:

package unloading system

brick control zone

robotised line to position the formed layers

integration of a strapping line

integration of the hooding area

The brick packs are brought into the unloading zone using a lift truck. The unloading grippers place the bricks on a chain conveyor, where a quality control takes place and discards are sorted out. A robot sets the formed brick layers onto a lifting platform. The formed packs are strapped vertically and provided at the end of the line with stretch hood wrapping.

The line was set up according to the Britisch health and safety regulations. Ceratec would like to thank the executives and staff of Baggeridge Brick Plc in Hartlebury for their support and assistance.


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