Coveri S.p.A., Oriago di Mira, Italy/Italien

Four decades of refractories for the heavy clay industry

The Italian company Coveri is celebrating their first four decades as a producer of refractory materials for the brick and tile industry this year. At the Coveri plant in Oriago di Mira, 15 employees turn out wall and roof liners for tunnel kilns and refractories for tunnel kiln cars.

1 History

Founded in December 1970, this family-run enterprise is now well-known throughout Italy, its home market. It all started as a shop for refractory products. Eventually, though, the proprietors began to concentrate more on producing things themselves. Finally, Coveri decided to specialize in the brick and tile sector and now makes and markets a variety of refractory materials for the industry. No standard products are made. All are prepared for project-specific applications requiring appropriately customized shaped refractories.

The company is headed by a trio of managers: Paolo Baldo...

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