Professors’ Conference at Ziegel Zentrum Süd e.V.

Energy-efficient architecture in Germany and the Czech Republic

At this year’s Professors’ Conference at Ziegel Zentrum Süd e.V. (ZZS) speakers and delegates addressed the consequences of the dramatic energy turnaround in Germany for building construction. The conference at Regensburg University of Applied Sciences, Department of Architecture, was combined with a three-day excursion to the Czech Republic, during which the delegates were accompanied and guided by some of the biggest names in Czech architecture. 35 professors from more than 20 universities in the Southern German region were treated to a deep and sometimes very personal insight into the Czech architectural scene.

1 Conference

Waltraud Vogler, Managing Director at ZZS, sees “the way to the utilization of renewable energies for the generation of thermal heat and power, to the reduction of climate-damaging CO2 emissions and our handling of the world’s resources as the leitmotif for all our actions”, and summarized the theme of the conference, which was held in cooperation with Regensburg University of Applied Sciences.

Architectural designers in Germany are giving increasing thought to the uniform “packaging” of buildings. Lead-in for the one-day event at Regensburg University of Applied Sciences was the...

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