Belgian masonry brick industry reports positive performance for 2011

The economic growth observed with great hope in the first six months of 2011 was overturned in the middle of the year. The economic recovery that had proceeded since 2010 soon switched to a downturn. Even if the brick sector held its own in 2011, the prospects for 2012 are not very promising.

1 General situation

The budgetary measures implemented by the Belgian states affected all segments of the population and had consequences for the expenditure of companies. The direct consequences led to shrinking of consumer and company confidence and to an economic slump with all the negative consequences. The construction industry was also hit by this situation.

2 Clay brick and tile industry

The increase in sales in the masonry brick sector resulted on the one hand from a catch-up effect following the early onset of the severe winter in 2010 that paralysed the construction industry. In the...

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