2012 a successful year for Burton

Now that the heavy clay sector has overcome its recession, Burton GmbH + Co. KG can look back on 2012 as a successful year. The company‘s books are filled with more than 20 major projects in Europe, Algeria, Australia, Russia and Saudi Arabia, plus numerous orders for spare parts.

Lots of fruitful work was done with well-known plant manufacturers. For example, Burton supplied the kiln cars and H cassettes for Creaton‘s new plant in Poland, one of the biggest roofing tile factories in the world. Another major roofing tile project that Burton carried out this year took place in collaboration with Cleia for Coelho da Silva in Portugal. Partnering with Sabo Hellas, Burton supplied equipment for the brand-new Dumoulin factory in Belgium – and for various projects in North Africa and Arabia. Good progress was also made on the ­Algerian and Saudi Arabian markets, both as a partner to plant manufacturers and as a retail market supplier. Projects were implemented via Capaccioli, Keller HCW, Lingl and Sabo Hellas. The big Pobeda LSR project in Russia was handled in collaboration with plant contractor Instalat, and Burton partnered with the likes of Ceratec, Cleia, Ceric Technologies and ­Direxa in a number of other markets.

Burton is now well-positioned and well-established for supplying to leading plant manufacturers and end users around the world and intends to keep it that way. New markets like ­Brazil and India are coming into focus and will be fitted out with new Burton representations.

This refractory supplier enjoyed very good resonance at Ceramitec 2012. Burton also participated very successfully in ­Mosbuild, ­Batimatec and Expoanicer. All the feedback is giving the company lots of confidence as it enters the year 2013.


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