2017 – 50 years of Poroton

Deutsche Poroton looks back on a successful year in 2016 and has started off its anniversary year 2017 with great optimism.

The member companies sold a good 6 % more Poroton clay blocks than in 2015, turnover was increased by just under 8 %. This can be attributed primarily to increased demand for Poroton clay blocks filled with insulating material for multi-storey building.

Affordable homes remain the most important topic

The increased demand for perlite-filled clay blocks necessitated the installation of a fourth production line at the Zeilarn plant, which went into operation in February.

With the further developed construction block S9, Deutsche Poroton is making it even easier for architects, structural engineers and investors to choose clay blocks for multi-storey construction. Boasting masonry compressive strength of fk = 5.3 MN/m2, the perlite-filled wall blocks achieve an almost 50-%-higher load bearing strength than the preceding product. Multi-storey, monolithic clay block buildings with ten storeys and more are possible based on suitable planning.

Commitment to competent young bricklayers

With the Skills Offensive 2020, Deutsche Poroton wants to push ultramodern construction materials like Poroton clay blocks for multi-storey building more into the focus in bricklayer training. In cooperation with vocational colleges and guilds, regional associations in the construction industry and the German Construction Confederation (ZDB), Deutsche Poroton is working towards incorporating the handling and use of clay blocks filled with insulating material as an established element in bricklayer training by the year 2020. Germany’s national bricklayer team will also be supported in 2017. A first success came at the EuroSkills in Gothenburg, Sweden, in December 2016, when journeyman bricklayer Jannes Wulfes achieved a Medallion for Excellence for his bricklaying skills in a very tight contest.

Deutsche Poroton GmbH


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