Annual meeting in Berlin

At the beginning of November, the members of the Brick Research Association met for their annual conference in Berlin. Rainer Berentelg, Chairman of the Board of the FGZ, expressed his pleasure at being able to welcome the participants in person again, after this had not been possible for Corona conditionally in 2020 and 2021 so far.

The actions of the board and management were unanimously approved. Reiner Berentelg stood again for the election of the new board chairman, who was unanimously elected for another two years. Elected as deputies were: Ralf Borrmann, Murray Rattana-Ngam, Clemens Steenheuer, Heiko Paselt, Christian Gäbelein, and Frank Kordes.

Of course, research projects already approved or still to be approved were also presented and discussed. With regard to the Roadmap 2050 of the brick industry, this involves projects on CO2 minimisation, for example on the electrification of tunnel kilns or on research into carbon-free energy sources. But also projects in building physics and construction mechanics were discussed (sound insulation, load-bearing behaviour, fire resistance).


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