Assuring raw materials supply – raw material extraction and competing land uses in Bavaria

Bavaria is rich in mineral resources like, for example, sand and gravel, various crushed rocks, loam and clay, gypsum and anhydrite, limestone and different industrial minerals (kaolin, feldspar, bentonite, siliceous earth, quartz and salt).

Per year around 150 mill. t mineral resources are needed, including around 85 mill. t sand and gravel as well as 35 mill. t crushed rock. Each and every inhabitant in Bavaria requires around 12.5 t/pa mineral resources like, for example, sand and gravel, crushed rock, clay, etc. These are used predominantly in the construction sector for building construction and civil engineering or in road construction.

To meet the high demand for mineral resources, those areas rich in raw materials must be protected against other uses. One of the biggest problems at present, however, is the availability of land.

A major task for Bavarian industrial association for non-metallic minerals is assuring the future supply of raw materials both for its member companies as well as for Bavarian industry.

Dr. Stephanie Gillhuber, Bayerischer Industrieverband Steine und Erden e.V. (BIV), Munich