“Basak Kiremit” produces different clay roofing tiles

Thanks to its very international expansion, Marcheluzzo Impianti is present throughout the world. With a view to further development, the company is paying special attention to the market in Turkey. Here a significant contract has already been agreed with Basak Kiremit, one of the most important manufacturers of construction materials in the country.

1 Introduction

Not even a year following the signing of the contract, this project could be completed and commissioned.

Marcheluzzo Impianti installed state-of-the-art equipment in the plant of Basak Kiremit in Eskisehir, which currently has a production output of 100 000 clay roofing tiles per day.

2 Shaping

The scope of supply includes a new cutting line, to which two preshaped columns, one for French tiles and one for Roman tiles, are fed. The tiles are shaped on two 13PV presses, which are served by a number of transport units developed on the basis of many years of Marcheluzzo’s...

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