Belgian masonry brick industry develops well in 2016

Defying terrorist attacks and growing uncertainty with regard to future economic development in other countries, the Belgian economy developed well in 2016. According to calculations by the ICN (Institut des Compes Nationaux), the Belgian economy grew by 1.7 % in 2016. The increase in the construction sector was 3.7 %.

Building activity in all regions increased from 5 to 6 % in 2016. This can be attributed primarily to a rise in building permits granted to around 51 000 units.

The market for newbuilds in Flanders was favourable in 2016. Tightening up of “Level E” (“Energy Performance”) regulations for newbuilds from 1 January 2016 in Flanders encouraged the application for building permits from late 2015. Almost 40 000 building permits were approved for new homes – far more than in 2015. The increase was highest for apartments at 30 %. Because of this, the share of new apartments in Flanders amounted to 64 %....

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