Beralmar realizes optimizations at the Nexe Group

Beralmar, the Spanish plant engineering company, has realized optimization projects at two plants owned by the Nexe Group. With a total of eleven tunnel kilns in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia, the Nexe Group is a major manufacturer of clay blocks and roofing tiles in the Balkans region. Beralmar has already supplied different firing solutions to the Group.

In recent months Beralmar has successfully implemented the following production improvements at the TOS (Sarajevo, Bosnia) and IGM Stražilovo (Sremski Karlovci, Serbia) plants:

TOS: Modification of the kiln equipment with the objective of increasing kiln output to 400 t/day and improving quality (reduction in the rejects quota)

IGM Stražilovo: Modification of the dryer in the existing line, dividing control of the drying process into zones and improving ventilation, with the objective of increasing dryer output to 280 t/day and improving drying quality

Beralmar Tecnologic S.A.


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