For the period 2014–2015, Capaccioli is presenting previews of its new products based on its strategy of the vertical integration of the design and production process.

1 Dry clay preparation

Capaccioli offers its new products to all those customers who, for technological reasons, require very fine particle size distribution of the clay and very precise control of this distribution. These are specifically for roofing tile plants, brickworks for solid bricks, manufacturers of special products and for standard brick plants that use clay with a high calcium carbonate content. The dry clay preparation line consists of
› Mill groups
› Screens
› Wetting systems
› Bucket ladder elevator
› Stocking system

1.1 New series of Aral MM-60-8 hammer mills

The new series of Aral MM-60-8 hammer mills, which is part of the line for dry clay preparation, is entirely designed and realized at Capaccioli. The mill consists of a frame, one rotor, hammers and reinforced side-plating plus other components. On the main rotor, different numbers of hammers are installed, depending on the model of mill. These hammers are made of a very hard material, depending on the type of mineral/clay to be crushed.

2 New Aral MV 1900 circular screen feeder

Capaccioli has extended its clay preparation range of products for mixing. The new vertical circular screen feeder was designed primarily for brick producers in order to improve product quality by concentrating mixing and comminution during preparation in one single machine. The design according to Capaccioli guidelines was focused on robustness, low energy consumption, clay characteristics, easy maintenance and cleaning, and maximum reliability.

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