Ceramics² – dual study of materials engineering glass and ceramics

The WesterWaldCampus of Koblenz University of Applied Sciences is further developing the proven Bachelor (B. Eng.) course in materials engineering glass and ceramics to a dual study course with practical phases firmly integrated in the curriculum.

The dual study course is oriented primarily to companies that would like to enable qualified employees to undertake practice-oriented study and still want the employees to spend a large amount of time within the company.

The course comprises five semesters at the university and three practical semesters in the respective company. These cannot be compared with the practical semesters in a regular course as the key characteristic is based on the employees getting to know internal structures and procedures. The practical application of the knowledge gained at university soon after within the company and reflection on practical experiences during the studies are achieved by the optimum intermeshing of theory and practice. This is ensured by the fact that both a preparation phase and a follow-up phase flank the practical semester. Here, the students are closely stewarded by the companies and the assigned professors.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Schäffer, Koblenz University of Applied Sciences – Höhr-Grenzhausen


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