Cleia active in Russia

Three new lines in Russia and Belarus EIA

The first line was set up in Novomoskovsk, which is located in the region of Tula, south of Moscow, Russia. This new line was set up parallel to the existing installation.

The second line has just been put into service in Tchaikovski located in the Perm region of Russia. This ultramodern installation incorporating Cleia technology is to bring a considerable improvement in the productivity of the brickworks and the quality of the finished products.

The third line was delivered very recently to the brickworks in Radochkovitchi in the region of Minsk, Belarus. This line for different sizes of bricks includes a new type of packaging.

These new facilities benefit from the latest developments from Cleia, which aim to improve the quality of products and increase the productivity and profitability of the brick plants.

Flash firing for Aksay brickworks

At Aksay brickworks, located in the area of Rostov, Cleia has just put into service a new installation for flash firing facing bricks. The customer is extremely satisfied with the first results, and can now offer new bricks in trendy new colours.

Technical support for Mozdok brickworks

The Mozdok brickworks in Russia, which was built by various engineering companies, has asked Cleia to undertake commissioning as well as to increase the productivity of the drying and firing facilities. With the know-how of the automation specialists and the ceramic engineers at Cleia, the drying and firing rate could be quickly increased to the satisfaction of the customer.


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