Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Ekkehart Pichler

Composite mortar taping – a new wall-building system for economically efficient placement of brick masonry

Composite mortar taping is a systematic new approach to the placement of high-precision clay masonry. Normal, standard-type mineral mortar is applied to backing tape and rolled up for transport to the building site and ­unrolling onto rows of bricks. This makes the placement of masonry more efficient. Still only approved for use in Austria, the system offers numerous advantages, as described below.

1 Introduction

Ever since people began erecting brick buildings, the employed type of mortar has had an impact on the available range of architectural alternatives. In Mesopotamia, where bricks were bonded together with mud, the work was relatively simple. The Romans, though, needed more performant materials for their buildings. The master builders of antiquity realized that pozzolanic ash mixed with water would dry to yield a strong bond, and the results can still be admired on numerous structures. In the end, that leap forward in technology was to remain nearly unaltered for the next 2000...

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Patents September 2010

1. Mortar especially for shaped clinker bricks 2. Method for evaluating kneaded clay, and method for manufacturing kneaded clay 3. Thin brick and method for making 4. Brick cutting apparatuess and...