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Issue 2013-09

Ceric Technologies inaugurates its new offices

On 27 June, Ceric Technologies inaugurated its new offices at 42 rue de Paradis, under the banner “Ceric 50 years later” – a new step in the growth of the company. Office space has been doubled...


Ceric Technologies – operating results in 2013

The 2013 operational performance, led by another significant 23 % increase in turnover compared to previous year, has allowed Ceric Technologies not only to develop further, but also accelerate its...

Issue 2015-6

Ceric receives € 7.6 mill. increase in capital

Ceric, one of the world’s leaders in engineering, procurement and construction for the heavy clay ceramics industry, has increased its capital by € 7.6 mill. in June 2015. Pleiade Investment and...

Issue 2016-3

Cleia takes over Ceric

The French engineering company Cleia, newly associated with its Belgian partner Ceratec, has finalized the acquisition of Ceric Technologies. Ceric, a recognized brand in heavy clay ceramics, has...


01.02.2010 News: Ceric restructuration on its way

Ceric, which was created in 1960 by two chartered engineers, designs and manufactures equipment for the heavy clay industry. As the years went by, Ceric successfully integrated step by step each one...