Initiative Bauen mit Backstein

Design tool: Building with bricks made easy

The design tool from the Initiative Bauen mit Backstein (Building with Brick Initiative) smooths the way for architects, designers and construction engineers from the idea to the realization of brick projects. Chapter 1-6 of the online guide have been updated and provide valuable tips including detailed drawings, as the Initiative Bauen mit Backstein informs us.

Brick buildings are popular, and the corresponding requirements are becoming more and more individual and demanding. But one thing always stands out: Building with this natural building material is something you have to learn. So that a design finds its way from the drawing board to the construction site and works with regard to construction aspects as well as being aesthetically appealing, the Initiative Bauen mit Backstein makes helpful design aids available for the realization of the design.


An aid for architects in their everyday work

In nine chapters, basic stuff but also detailed know-how about building with bricks are explained. From building material science through to Germany’s Energy Saving Ordinance to concrete recommendations for application, the tool provides help from design to realization. Easily understandable solutions for many problems are provided, broken down into small steps.

Especially helpful are the completely revised detailed drawings for double-leaf construction with brick in chapter 4. From building base to roof, construction is described in detail. In chapter 6 “Construction recommendations” there are clearly set-out checklists with tips for use in everyday work.


Functional and user friendly

The clearly designed interface guides users intuitively through the various chapters. A personal bookmark function is available to allow readers to resume reading from the point they had last reached previously. For those who like to work with the guide in their hands, after archiving, individual chapters or the entire compendium can be printed out. As a helpful addition to the design tool, those interested can also download the faced wall brochure from the website of the Initiative Bauen mit Backstein.


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