Deutsche Poroton still expanding

Sales of Poroton products have been rising steadily for years on end, most recently to € 215 million in 2018.

At BAU, the world‘s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems, Deutsche Poroton presented its first “climate-neutral brick“. Regarding the perlite-filled Poroton-T7 produced at the Zeilarn plant, the technical inspection association TÜV Nord confirmed, “that on the basis of the calculated product carbon footprint and a production forecast for 2019, emission reduction certificates for the scheduled year‘s output of Poroton-T7 units have been rendered abrogable“. In that connection, the carbon footprint is calculated according to a cradle-to-gate approach that covers the product‘s entire life cycle up to the factory gate.

The production and processing technologies that Deutsche Poroton member companies are applying in reaction to increasing time and price pressure in construction projects are likewise innovative. Redbloc prefabricated masonry compound units stand as a typical example. In addition, the Wienerberger Group is currently pressing forward with the development of clay masonry units that can be processed by construction robots.

Deutsche Poroton has been very successful in its commitment to the upcoming generation of bricklayers. True to its “golden partnership“ with ZDB, the central association of the German construction industry, the organization has been sponsoring the “national masons team“ with material inputs, tricots and public relations work since 2016. In September 2018, Christoph Rapp “masoned“ himself a gold medal at the EuroSkills competition in Budapest.

With nearly 1800 employees at 15 plants, the Deutsche Poroton member companies turn out more than 335 different Poroton products and get more than 60 apprentices per year ready for their occupational careers.

Deutsche Poroton GmbH


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