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Easymud – plants for soft mud brick production

Capaccioli, a world leading supplier of machinery and integrated plants for the production of heavy clay products, began looking very closely at soft mud technology in the 1990s.

After several years of research, Capaccioli has developed its own patented technology called Easymud, with which large numbers of bricks can be produced in a fully automated process, which makes the bricks look as if they have been shaped by hand. Easymud technology is a fully automatic system for the production of pavers, facing bricks, roofing tiles and specials in soft mud with the “handmade” look, with different surface finishes such as sand and hand-smoothed finishes. This technology includes a completely automatic cycle for shaping, mould treatment as well as material loading and unloading. The specific technical features of Easymud plants are:

Production rates of 4 000, 8 000, 12 000 units/hour and multiples of these

Production of clay pavers and special pieces

Variants: Closed mould and use of sand, open mould with no sand, closed mould

The advantages of the automatic Easymud plants are extremely fast product changes, without stopping production, automatic moulding and de-moulding, low investment cost and a production capacity up to 30 mill. units/year.


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