VIP event in new company premises

Gernandt · Osterkamp · Stengert expert consultancy celebrates 65th company anniversary

The expert consultancy Gernandt · Osterkamp · Stengert has been on hand to serve its clients for more than 65 years, headed by Dipl.-Ing. Bornkessel up to 1980 and operating under his name. In the consultancy there has always been a great tradition of professional and trusted contact based on decades-long-standing business partnerships. The wealth of experience in claims cases and assessments is naturally available for the clay brick and tile industry, which in historical terms remains the “home” of today’s managing director, Dipl.-Ing. Manuel Stengert.

Over the years, the consultancy has also steadily widened its range of activities and today has many contacts to a broad range of industries, in recent years especially to those in renewable energies (wind/biogas/CHP). An eight-person team and several freelancers handle property, liability and machine breakdown claims in Germany and abroad. In addition, the team around Dipl.-Ing. Stengert regularly organizes and stewards claims management, e.g. extensive fire damage, determines the causes of technical damage, and draws up assessments for fire insurance and fiscal purposes. They are regularly called to work for courts, especially in the area in which MD Stengert is publicly appointed and sworn in, i.e. the glass, ceramics, lime, cement, hard rock and concrete block industries.

Especially in the clay brick and tile industry, Manuel Stengert is called in as an expert directly by companies in the event of technical problems, damage claims or determining the cause of damage (setting collapse, extensive fire damage, determination of faults in new installations) and provides advice. The expert is also regularly a speaker e.g. at the German expert consultants conference or at external education/training institutes as he can report preventatively to other colleagues and those interested from the field and sometimes explain very critical technical and insurance-related detailed problems.

Move to a new office building

In 2011, the owner Manuel Stengert had a new, modern office building planned and built, into which the team moved in May 2012. To mark the 65th company anniversary, the company invited selected guests to a VIP event on 26 September 2013 at the company premises to meet the steadily growing team in a convivial atmosphere.

In three papers based on three examples of tricky claims cases (liability, property damage and machine breakdown), an insight was provided into the comprehensive range of work in plants and machinery and problems in claims handling as opposed to the insurance contract aspects were presented and discussed together with the guests.

Invited to the event were all groups of business partners so that insurers, insurance brokers, company managers, lawyers, representatives of clean-up companies and expert consultant colleagues were able to engage in interesting discussions. A repeat of this successful event in the next few years has not been ruled out.


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