Goodbye to the bull at MosBuild 2016

Keller bids farewell to retiring Gottfried Ristl

At the 21st MosBuild, the international construction fair in Russia, Keller said goodbye to its long-serving company representative Gottfried Ristl.

Born under the zodiac sign of Taurus the bull, Ristl is a highly and universally respected institution in the Russian brick industry. This is due to the fact that he has always attached great importance to respect, reliability and stability when dealing with his long-standing business friends and partners.

For more than 30 years, Gottfried Ristl, with his shining creativity, has left a lasting impact on the heavy clay industry in the Russian Federation. With his remarkable sensitivity, he always had the right feeling for the market and the business potential of the company that he has represented in an excellent manner throughout the years. From the very first event, Ristl was part of Keller‘s team at MosBuild and Keramtex, and he paved the ways for many profitable business transactions. And even in harder times when business was slow, he was always as solid as a rock. With his tireless work he made an invaluable contribution to many positive developments in the sector for high-quality building materials in Russia.

Not only Keller Managing Director Dr Jochen Nippel, Area Sales Manager Torsten Bärtels and colleagues from Keller and OOO „Keller Vostok“, but also many long-standing business partners took the opportunity to say thank you to Gottfried Ristl for his professional lifetime achievement at a special ceremony. As a symbol for his countless achievements, Jochen Nippel and Torsten Bärtels presented him with a ceramic bull.

„We all should like to thank you again with all our hearts,“ said Torsten Bärtels in the name of all those present. „We thank you for your lifetime achievement, your great loyalty and the exceptionally trust-based relationship with Keller. We wish you all the very best for your more than well-deserved retirement in Austria, and many enjoyable years to come together with your lovely family!“

Keller HCW GmbH

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