Latermec SRL

The Italian company Latermec has channelled its extensive experience in brick moulding and heavy clay extrusion into the development of the Compact FV, a die specifically designed to fulfil all these requirements. All critical components are engineered from hard-wearing materials to meet the highest quality standards in terms of precision and product finishing. To improve efficiency and lengthen the lifetime of dies, all wear parts should be hard chromed, a service that Latermec also provides and customizes to suit any client requirements. Besides traditional internal brakes, the Compact FV has a system of external brakes that allows better adjustment, thus optimizing the flow dynamics in line with the properties of the clay. Among the technical solutions developed for the Compact-FV model, the “Tangential Brakes” stand out. They can be applied in front of the die, added to or installed instead of the classic rear-side brakes. Thanks to this feature it is possible to finely tune the extrusion process, enabling comprehensive control of brick shaping.

Hall C5, Stand 200


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