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MZ65 – future of building

With a thermal conductivity λR of just 0.065 W/(mK) and a heat transfer coefficient (U value) up to 0.13 W/(m²K) depending on the wall thickness (36.5 to 49.0 cm), the new MZ65 counts as one of the best thermally insulating masonry bricks in Germany.

Together with the solid brick webs, the integrated insulation pads made of natural mineral wool achieve a heat storage capacity up to 270 kJ/(m²K). Thanks to the optimum interaction between thermal insulation and heat storage capacity, masonry built with MZ65-bricks provides a viable basis for sustainable building. With standard detailed design, residential buildings can be easily constructed as passive and very low-energy houses.

Thanks to the developed system additions for outer corners, window reveals, pier masonry and to compensate for differences between room heights and window reveals, the erection of a building envelope with MZ65 brick masonry is even more efficient. In addition, the accessory bricks for the window reveal offer additional security and constitute the standard case 1 in accordance with the RAL guideline for the installation of windows and doors without the need for further measures. The break-in resistance to resistance class RC 3 has been proven. In comparison with bricks with a filigree structure, besides optimum fire protection (fire resistance class F90-A/REI-M90), the MZ65 boasts excellent load-bearing capacity of fK 2.2 MN/m².

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