Marcheluzzo Impianti expanding

Marcheluzzo Impianti S.r.l., a leading Italian company in plant engineering for the manufacture of heavy clay products from design to turnkey plants, is teaming up with Mecanica Bonfanti S.A. This leading company was set up 110 years ago by the Bonfanti family in Brazil and manufactures high-quality machines for wet preparation of clays. The joint venture Bonfanti-Marcheluzzo Equipmento Ceramico Ltda will profit from the experience of the Italian parent company in engineering and technology for local manufacturing of high-quality equipment in the State of São Paulo.

The synergy effects from this joint venture has already produced significant results on the Brazilian market, e.g. at Ceramica Lorenzetti Ltda in Pouso Redondo, SC, Brazil and Ceramica Forte Ltda in Turmalina, MG, Brazil. The two companies are managed by the families Lorenzetti and Godinho respectively, who as pioneers have introduced the advanced technology of the new Italo-Brazilian group in their projects. Their plants have been fitted with ultramodern machinery and state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture top-quality products to meet market needs.

The production plants have been equipped with new lines for off-loading the dryer cars coupled with robotized systems for loading the kiln cars and for off-loading the fired products that are then packaged with stretch film. The plants include an electronic cutting group, a line for setting and off-loading the roofing tiles and a very modern rapid dryer suitable for production of 120 000 roofing tiles a day. The Lorenzetti Group will produce all the types of clay bricks, structural bricks and tiles.

This plant is based on a very sturdy, powerful and stable structure that is operated with the most advanced technologies currently available on the international market. The whole plant is controlled with a latest generation PLC with high-precision electronic commands and the entire system is automatic. The plant operatives monitor the production process without having to intervene in the operation of the automatic systems. In this plant, automatic control of the products in any position of the production cycle is possible, all processes can be counted. In addition, the setting equipment for the kiln cars can be controlled with a Fanuc robot equipped with a PLC-controlled take-up device with motorized closing action, which enables material-dependent adjustment of speed, pressure and type of action.


Electronic cutter

This machine represents a novel technology for the Brazilian market. The cutter is equipped with bushless motors controlled with a special PLC adjustment of the dimensions. This enables very high cutting precision in the order of 0.01 mm. This particular machine is designed for vertical cutting but the technology is perfectly applicable for simultaneous vertical and horizontal cutting. An optional group has been also included for cleaning of the cutting wire as well as a group for pneumatic tensioning of the wire so as to ensure continuous working action. The wires are very easily changed and the workbench can be adapted to the working exigencies. The machine is completed with a group for pushing the products forward and turning them and can cut these with or without bevelling in line with the specific requirements.


Plant for the Sant’ Emilia Group

This plant will produce 120 000 roofing tiles a day, one of the highest daily production capacities per day and plant in Brazil.

The tiles are dried in a fully automatically controlled semi-fast dryer. The project has been engineered to obtain wide flexibility and a new, fast-selling high-quality product. For this purpose, an ultramodern kiln is being installed, the energy of which will be recovered for use in other parts of the factory.

It has been possible to visit the plants and equipment described above from October 2014. The managers of the new company Bonfanti-Marcheluzzo Equipamento Ceramico Ltda are very proud of this Italo-Brazilian integration, which enables them to supply the Brazilian customers with the best achievements in technology, manufacturing capacity, reliability and efficiency that these two brand suppliers can provide and guarantee.

Marcheluzzo Impianti S.r.l.


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