“A formative personality”

Martin Grothe has died

Grothe Rohstoffe GmbH & Co. KG has informed us that Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Keramik Martin Grothe died on 12 January 2022, following a long and difficult illness.

Martin Grothe took over the company from his father, Bruno Grothe, in 1966 when it traded in ceramic raw materials. As a graduate engineer in ceramics, Martin Grothe developed the line of REDOX tarnishing colours in 1972, setting the first milestone in the success story of Grothe Rohstoffe GmbH & Co. KG as a globally operating manufacturer of ceramic colours.

After the handover in the year 2000, Martin Grothe remained the company’s managing director, working alongside his son Uwe for another 15 years, and focussing on the support of its international trade partners. For health reasons, he then gradually stepped back from active business. Until shortly before his death, however, he stayed in regular contact, remaining deeply attached to the company and interested in its progress.

Grothe’s management values Martin Grothe as a man who in his work as owner and managing director was always unreservedly devoted to serving his company at all times and who laid the foundations for the successful enterprise it has become today, with its 70 employees.

Martin Grothe was someone who during his active years was respected and esteemed by customers, suppliers and employees alike for his outstanding technical expertise, as the company announcement explained. It went on to lament how, with his death, the ceramics industry had lost a dedicated entrepreneur who as a manufacturer of ceramic colours has been a key influence on the industry.


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