Tecnofiliere S.R.L.

New dies for Sarl Briqueterie Guerrouache

Tecnofiliere, the Italian die supplier, is supplying Sarl Briqueterie Guerrouache, one of the leading Algerian brick manufacturers.

The order is for the supply of dies of the model TFE-J EVO for the production of B8 hollow bricks (100 x 200 mm), with eight exits, and B12 hollow bricks (150 x 200 mm), with six exits. Tecnocarbide is used for the frames and cores. This material with its high wear resistance of around 2 000 HV is able to maintain consistent output over time, without significant changes in the brick weight or dimensions.

The delivery to Guerrouache is completed with a TF1000 EVO die-washing machine, which makes die cleaning more effective and practical. Problems that typically come about with manual solutions, such as bending of the self-centring supports and denting of cores and frames, can be avoided.

Tecnofiliere S.R.L.


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