New products spring 2022

A breath of fresh air in Randers Tegl‘s product portfolio: a total of five new brick varieties will be added to the range, according to a company statement. The Special Colours series will receive three new varieties. With these new products, too, the company is focusing on the issue of sustainability. Randers Tegl produces the RT 533 Special Paints Medusa, RT 539 Special Paints Hermes and RT 545 Special Paints Atlas with biogas and electricity from wind power plants. According to Randers Tegl, this reduces the ecological footprint of the brick by up to 50 percent compared to conventionally produced bricks. All three brick types are available in the Danish standard format (approx. 228 x 108 x 54 mm).

In addition, the Danish brick manufacturer offers an extension of the colour range with the new RT 496 Prima Messina as well as the RT 427 Classica Bosa. These novelties are also available in the Danish standard format (approx. 228 x 108 x 54 mm). According to Randers Tegl, the five new waterstruck tiles are all characterised by an individual and structured surface.


RT 533 Special colours Medusa

By using dark as well as light red shades, the colour play creates a warm, inviting expression. The soft colour transition is interrupted by the additional use of burnt-on charcoal. The resulting look gives the brick façade a mix of nostalgia and modernity.


RT 539 Special Colours Hermes

The dark patina of RT 539 Spezialfarben Hermes creates a link between nature and contemporary building elements. The dark colour play creates a warm, but also structured brick façade. The Scandinavian trend of warmth as well as minimalism and neutral design is reflected in RT 539 Spezialfarben Hermes, says Randers Tegl.


RT 545 Special Colours Atlas

RT 545 Special Colours Atlas is an interplay of muted yellow tones and a simple, natural dark grey colour scheme. This combination gives the brick a modern and equally rough look that is reminiscent of urban countryside. However, the warm colours do not make the brick façade look cold and monotonous, says Randers Tegl.


RT 496 Prima Messina

The warm and soothing tones of RT 496 Prima Messina, a confluence of bronze colours and a strong brown, give the finished brickwork a minimalist yet strong look. Randers Tegl is convinced: the natural colour play makes RT 496 Prima Messina a true new classic that fits well into the brick manufacturer‘s portfolio.


RT 427 Classica Bosa

The RT 427 Classica Bosa expands the range of red water-struck bricks and captivates with its mix of strong red and soft rosé. According to Randers Tegl, the colour loosens up the brick façade without appearing dominant.


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