Rehart inaugurates new office building at its Ehingen headquarters

On 30 October, Rehart GmbH, the wear protection and optimization specialist, joined by staff and guests of honour from politics, the region and industry, inaugurated a new office building in Ehingen. The newbuild was a necessary consequence of the steady expansion of production capacities and accordingly the increasing number of employees at the site.

While the company started off with one employee in 1983, by 1996 the workforce had already grown to 32 employees. In 2008, 62 people were working at the headquarters and now in 2016, 108 employees are based there. Nine of these are completing apprenticeships. Over the past years, the company’s portfolio has been widened under the direction of Managing Partner Klaus Schülein from heavy clay and whiteware ceramics through wear protection, hydropower and wastewater engineering, power plants and cement factories to include other applications. In addition to the founding company in Ehingen, the Rehart Group of companies now also comprises Petersen Service GmbH, Petersen Samara, Rehart GmbH Thüringen and Durus SRL Romania as well as Schreiber Technology and Schnelldorfer Maschinenbau. In 2015, the Group, with its around 230 employees at seven sites, generated approx. € 25 mill. (of which around € 11.5 mill. was earned in Ehingen).

In heavy clay ceramics, Rehart is known for its regeneration and hard plating work as well as press optimization. The subsidiary Petersen Service supplies extruders and clay purifiers as well as other machines.

In his speech, Klaus Schülein underlined how important the employees were for the company and that the modern offices would now offer ample space for developing new ideas. Besides the 271 m² of office space for 14 employees, a 75 m² conference room has been built, which, however, was bursting at the seams at the inauguration ceremony with the around 140 attendees. An investment totalling € 1.15 mill. has been made in the project, which was completed in a construction period lasting around 11 months.

Klaus Schülein is planning long-term – including arranging for management succession in his company. The first steps have already been taken. His son will join the company in 2017. “24 years with eleven building projects – we’re not building anything more,” stressed Christa Schülein, who works in marketing and is also the wife of the managing director. Although she already made this resolution at the last building project in 2013 and subsequently broke it with the newbuild in 2016. Of course, clay bricks, were used in the building. Coriso clay blocks supplied by a backing brick plant in Bavaria form the structure of the building, bricks and brick slips from Northern Germany adorn the facades. As Rehart has built a lot of new buildings in the past, a host of different brick products can be found at the Ehingen site. And with Rehart’s development being as dynamic as it is, a few more will no doubt be used in building there in the future.

Anett Fischer

Rehart GmbH

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