Robots like bricks

If robots could choose what they best like to handle, bricks would be among their favourites. They give robots a chance to show how strong they are and how resistant to dust and dirt, and how they just love to do monotonous work with great precision.

Work around the clock? The brick and tile industry can do it, and robots can, too. So, that is an ideal combination. Indeed, those who built the very first robots saw the construction sector as a good specialty area for them.

When heavy duty lifting robots with handling capacities starting at 1 000 kg appeared, they amounted to a big step forward. Fanuc’s M-2000iA can handle up to 1 350 kg. Nevertheless, Rolf Teichert, who heads the robotics department at Keller HCW in Ibbenbüren, sees no big market looming: “Such heavy duty robots will not become attractive until their cost-benefit ratio...

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