Hans van Wijck

Slip and skid resistance – an overview of measuring ­methods for flooring and paving materials

In the measurement of the slip resistance of materials, different European standards refer to a standardized measuring method. Here, however, different measurement principles are applied and, in turn, for each individual measurement principle, various versions are available. This article describes the three measurement methods and principles contained in CEN/TS 16165, in which an attempt is being made to establish a better harmony on these  measurement procedures.


The European Construction Products Regulation, CPR, has seven basic requirements for constructions works, BRCWs. BRCW 4 concerns safety and accessibility in use. It mentions that the use of these materials cannot entail any unacceptable risks of slipping and sliding accidents, among other things. This certainly applies to all products covered by the “Floorings” (flooring and paving materials) mandate, which are quite numerous!

Europe has worked on drawing up harmonized product standards since 1988; these include the conditions for free trade of products within the European Union. The...

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