RehartGroup and Morte

Spanish die maker and German plant and equipment contractor for structural ceramics sign cooperation agreement

Things are less complicated for our customers now”, reports Klaus Schülein, managing partner at Rehart GmbH and managing director of RehartGroup. “They now have an alternative to established suppliers and are able to get everything they need from a single source: inquiry, offer, processing, service. We know we can excel in competition, because we have proven it often enough.” This German group enterprise and its member companies have joined forces with Spanish die maker Morte in order to better fulfil their customers’ quality needs by further optimizing the sensitive interplay between extruder and die. Their business segments match up well. RehartGroup designs and optimizes structural ceramic production facilities all over the world - for everything from preparation to shaping. Morte, in turn, is a leading producer of dies.

The two companies‘ cultures fit together, too. Both of them are well-managed family enterprises with decades of experience, lots of engineering and production know-how, and high brand awareness in their respective markets. As Morte’s chief executive officer Marcos Morte points out, it was those same values, together with Rehart‘s high market presence, that clinched the deal.

Rehart’s new supply program for the German-speaking markets (D/A/CH countries plus Romania and Poland) includes extrusion dies, die washing machines and marking heads. Morte’s modular dies are generating lots of enthusiasm on the market. They show how much special attention Morte is giving to the respective market situations and requirements. This is a major advantage for the company. Another advantage is that, thanks to their technical design and the employed material, the Spanish dies are hard wearing and abrasion resistant.

A team of Rehart specialists and Morte professionals will be on hand at the Würz-burg Brick and Tile Training Course from December 2 through 4 to answer customers’ questions and listen to their needs.


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