Belém welcomed South America’s ceramists

Successful meeting of the Brazilian heavy clay industry

At the 43rd National Meeting of the Brazil’s heavy clay industry (Encontro Nacional) from 30 July to 2 August, 1 176 participants interested in professional improvement and business opportunities gathered at Hangar Convenções & Feiras da Amazônia in Belém in the state of Pará. Promoted by Anicer, Brazil’s National Association of the Heavy Clay Industry, the National Meeting is an annual event held at changing venues. It is regarded as one of the most important meetings of the industry in Latin America and one of the three largest such events in the world. The National Meeting fosters the development of the ceramic industry and promotes dialogue among entrepreneurs, unions, associations, researchers, suppliers, public and private institutions, international organizations and consumers. Within the framework of the National Meeting, several other events were held.

At the 17th Expoanicer – International Exhibition of Machinery, Equipment, Vehicles, Services and Inputs for the Heavy Clay Industry held parallel to the National Meeting, exhibitors were able to conclude deals with a total turnover of approximately R$ 23 mill. (almost € 8 mill.). 60 national and international exhibitors attended the exhibition, presenting innovations for the industry and seeking out new business opportunities.

At the 12th National Meeting of Heavy Clay Laboratories at SENAI (National Organization of Professional Training) and 2nd National Meeting of Heavy Clay at SESI (Brazilian social welfare), 35 representatives gathered from all regions of Brazil. At the 10th National Conference of the SEBRAE representatives (Brazilian organization for the support of SMEs) for the clay brick and tile industry, 24 representatives gathered from all regions in Brazil to obtain information.

Cesar Gonçalves, Anicer President, expressed his satisfaction with the choice of the state of Pará as the venue for the event: “I was pleasantly surprised to see the technological advancements in Pará, I realize there is a great business opportunity, here.” The growth potential for the sector stimulates the search for qualification and improvements, and the National Meeting continues to offer a space for sharing knowledge and experience. “We are here with an agenda that deals with very important subjects for the heavy clay industry, with the objective of contributing towards the development of this industrial segment”, stated Cesar Gonçalves.

Official launch of the Ibero-American Network

This year, the National Meeting also promoted the launch of the Ibero-American Network for the Sustainable Development of the Ceramic Industry. During the opening ceremony, the agreement was signed by Jorge Velasco, the Network coordinator from the Aitemin Technology Centre (Spain), Cesar Gonçalves, Anicer president, and the representatives of partner institutions including Centro Tecnológico da Cerâmica e do Vidro - CTCV (Portugal), the Programa Ibero-americano de Ciência e Tecnologia para o Desenvolvimento - CYTED-UBB (Chile), Centro de Investigação de Materiais Cerâmicos da Universidade Francisco de Paula Santander - CIMAC (Colombia), Aitemin Technology Centre (Spain), Swisscontact (Peru), and the Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia – INT. The international cooperation project has the objective of transmitting scientific and technical knowledge through the integration of universities, research centres and companies with the sector. Initially, the Network is composed of 16 entities from nine countries financed by CYTED – Ibero-American Program for Science and Technology for Development under the coordination of Aitemin – Spain Technology Center. On the previous day (29 July), a meeting with the Network representatives defined the project guidelines and presented the work schedule for its first year, as well as the planning of activities to be performed until 2017 – the initial term of the agreement.

The 44th National Conference of the Heavy Clay Industry and the 18th Expoanicer will take place from 16 to 19 September 2015 in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.


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