Top-quality, flexible accessory shaping

When Monier Braas GmbH and Händle GmbH Maschinen und Anlagenbau commissioned the new Wega SIII at Monier‘s accessory roof tile ­plant in Petershagen last autumn, all goals were achieved: enhanced flexibility, better performance and ­reliability, and higher-than-ever quality standards.

1 Introduction

The Wega SIII was integrated into the existing shaping plant, in parallel with the already present turntable press. In addition to the press itself, the complete, turnkey system that Händle supplied and attuned to the local situation comprised:
› the complete clay bat feed system, including tilting conveyor for distributing the bats on the new Wega SIII and/or on the existing turntable press
› two 2-axis handling portals, one for loading the bats and one for removing the freshly pressed products
› a scraper for wiping away the production scraps
› a complete vacuum generating...

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