Schlagmann Poroton

TÜV-certified climate neutral bricks

TÜV Nord has certified perlite-insulated Poroton-T7, Poroton-S8 and Poroton-S9 clay blocks from Schlagmann Poroton as “climate neutral bricks”. That distinction is based on both the reduction and avoidance of CO2 emissions in the production of clay masonry products, and to the use of renewable energy to do so. All electricity required for producing the climate neutral bricks is either generated as hydropower or comes from the company’s own PV systems. In addition, emission reduction certificates that would have accrued for the production of “T7”, “S8” and “S9” bricks are being cancelled on the basis of a calculatory “product carbon footprint” and a computed production forecast for 2019. A product’s carbon footprint expresses the balance of greenhouse gas emissions accruing over the duration of its life cycle – from the extraction of raw materials through the production process and up to ex-works availability. Schlagmann Poroton implements TÜV-Nord-certified climate protection measures to compensate for residual CO2 emissions occurring despite all preventive measures.
Schlagmann Poroton

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