Miquel Moix

Use of biomass in the drying and firing of clay-based building products

Spanish one-stop supplier Beralmar produces a full-range of gas-fuelled firing equipment for the heavy clay industry. Beralmar also specializes in the use of biomass as fuel, particularly for drying purposes. This contribution cites a range of examples showing when and where the use of biomass is practical and expedient.

1 Introduction

The use of natural gas as fuel for firing is state of the art. Natural gas is easy to handle, and it yields very good production results.

However, regulatory pressure calling for reduced CO2 emissions is on the rise now, so it appears expedient to consider the use of other fuels, as well. Biomass, for example offers a number of relevant advantages:

First of all, it is a quick way to dramatically reduce CO2 emissions. According to EU Directive 2018/410 dated 19 March 2018, biomass continues to count as a CO2-neutral fuel, at least for the period between 2021 and 2030. At the same...

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