We write Service with a capital S!

Under the German version of this slogan, you’ll find around 51 mill. entries on Google today! And I can imagine that something like this has been said in almost every company. But how do the customers see it?

In 2018, we asked the brick and tile manufacturers worldwide to tell us who had offered them the best service. Based solely on the vote of brick and tile manufacturers from 17 countries around the world, awards were given to those suppliers who offer their customers the best service. In cooperation with Messe München, the Zi Award “Best Service Supplier 2018” was presented for the first time at ceramitec 2018. The winner was Hans Lingl Anlagenbau und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH & Co. KG. Second place went to Händle GmbH Maschinen und Anlagenbau, while Rehart GmbH was voted into third place. In all three firms, employees were named who stand for good service.

Based on the encouraging feedback, we have decided to present this award again this year and in the years to come – together with Messe München. We ask all brick and tile manufacturers around the world to visit our website and cast their vote! Vote for the supplier who has provided you with outstanding service in 2018. Besides machines and plant suppliers, you can, of course, nominate raw materials suppliers and other companies in order to say “Thank you”. The winner will be announced in autumn 2019.

Dear readers, we look forward to the year with you and would be delighted to receive lots of votes on our website. Please get involved and be sure to cast your vote!


Anett Fischer


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