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Issue 2020-5 Ziegelwerk Bellenberg

MZ65 – future of building

With a thermal conductivity ?R of just 0.065?W/(mK) and a heat transfer coefficient (U value) up to 0.13?W/(m²K) depending on the wall thickness (36.5 to 49.0?cm), the new MZ65 counts as one of the...

Issue 2010-7-8

Innovative measuring instrument determines thermal diffusivity and conductivity within minutes

Conventional measuring methods require up to eight hours for determining the thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and volumetric specific heat of a given material, and it takes three different,...

Issue 2021-02

Thomas Kiefer presented Ressel Award at TU Wien

For his dissertation on improving the material properties of the clay brick, Thomas Kiefer has been presented with the Ressel Award, valued at 13 000 euros for scientific research, of Vienna...

Issue 2014-08

Energy-conserving method for obtaining highly porous structures in brick clay

Context and formulation of problem Vertically perforated clay bricks are highly porosity enhanced wall-building masonry units displaying low thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of stuffed...

Issue 2017-5

Less energy consumption thanks to intelligent refractory technology

Refratechnik Ceramics GmbH (formerly Burton) has been focussing on energy-saving refractory solutions for a long time. The global and economic situation facing each company increasingly requires a cut...