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Issue 2013-12

Flintsbach Clay Brick and Lime Museum

At the heart of Flintsbach Clay Brick and Lime ­Museum ?is the kiln dating from the year 1883 in which lime and bricks were fired up until 1968. On the open air grounds of the ensemble of buildings,...

Issue 2019-5

Brickworks North America Corporation acquires Sioux City Brick

Brickworks North America Corporation (Brickworks N.A.), the parent company of Glen-Gery Corporation, has acquired Sioux City Brick, an Iowa-based brick manufacturer. Sioux City Brick will become a...

Issue 2012-09

Issue 2011-9

Issue 2009-11

Professors' Conference of the "Brick Centre South"

Themes such as "Building in times of economic crisis, Sustainability debates and Increasing energy requirements" were the central topics of the two-day Professors' Conference of the "Brick Centre...