Güteschutz Ziegel mourns the death of its former long-time managing director Heinrich Marx

The Güteschutz Ziegel Süd e.V. mourns the death of its former managing director of many years, Mr Heinrich Marx, who passed away on 30 November 2022, shortly before his 90th birthday.

Heinrich Marx worked for Güteschutz Ziegel for four decades. He started working for the then Güteschutz Ziegelindustrie für das Land Bayern e.V. on 01.07.1961 and took over the management of the Güteschutz in 1985, which he held until his retirement on 01.07.2001.

With great commitment and a lot of heart and soul, he dedicated himself to the interests of the Güteschutz during the many years of his work. As managing director, he later successfully steered the quality protection with farsightedness and a lot of skill, and as the long-standing chairman of Sector Group 10 Masonry, he also kept an eye on the interests of the quality protection at the European level.

For his employees he was not only a superior, but also a friend and colleague, and he was highly respected by "his Bavarian bricklayers".

He always felt very closely connected to the building material brick. As a sworn expert, he was repeatedly called to the construction sites as a competent expert on questions related to the product brick. With his great expertise and convincing manner, he was able to defuse many issues and always had the welfare of his members in mind.

The community of Bavarian brickmakers was always very close to his heart, and he was also on friendly terms with some families for many years.

During his time as Managing Director, numerous members' meetings were also organised in neighbouring countries, which many members of the Güteschutz still have fond memories of.

Even after his retirement from active professional life, he remained associated with the Güteschutz until his death. Throughout the years, he maintained regular contact with the staff of the Güteschutz and was always interested in the topics of the brick industry.

The Güteschütz Ziegel Süd e.V. will honour the memory of Mr Heinrich Marx.

Our sincere sympathy goes to his family and relatives.

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