Wienerberger: External revenues increased by 18% in 2021

© Wienerberger AG

© Wienerberger AG
According to its own statements, the Wienerberger Group is looking back on 2021, the most successful business year in the company’s history. In the reporting year, external revenues increased by 18% to almost € 4.0 billion (2020: € 3.4 billion) and EBITDA grew by 24% to € 694 million (2020: € 558 million).

Commenting on the Group’s performance, Heimo Scheuch, Chairman of the Managing Board of Wienerberger AG, says, “Having delivered excellent organic revenue growth at an average rate of 6% per year since 2012, we continuously succeeded in significantly outperforming GDP growth in our core markets. Today, our portfolio ranges from roof and wall systems to façade solutions and engineering facilities for the entire building envelope, as well as complete infrastructure solutions for a safe and secure energy and water supply.”

Wienerberger continues to implement its Sustainability Program with ambitious targets set for 2023

The Wienerberger Group is determined to continue on its value-creating growth path and to further pursue the ambitious targets of its Sustainability Program 2023. To this end, all business activities will be aligned with the Group’s sustainability targets, subject to strict ESG criteria (environmental, social, and governance). In support of the European Green Deal, Wienerberger will do its utmost to achieve its goal of becoming climate-neutral not later than 2050 through the decarbonization of its production processes, an innovative product portfolio, and new technologies. Wienerberger invests € 60 million per year in research and development, innovative processes, and new products in order to sustainably advance these developments on a long-term basis.

Heimo Scheuch, CEO of Wienerberger AG: “All our corporate activities are subject to clearly defined and ambitious ESG criteria and geared toward the achievement of our ambitious targets set for 2023, including a 15% reduction of CO2 emissions and ensuring that all new Wienerberger products are designed to be fully recyclable or reusable.”

Wienerberger’s combined Annual and Sustainability Report can be viewed in full on the corporate website.

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