Cerro Negro Group – flexibility and quality

The Argentinian ceramics manufacturer Cerro Negro, one of the country‘s biggest clay roofing tile manufacturers, is completing the renewal of the former Losa Olavarria production facility.

As part of this project, the company is also strengthening its partnership with Sacmi Heavy Clay, which has, right from the start, played a key role in the ambitious plans to technologically revamp the long-standing brickworks acquired by Cerro Negro in 2015.

These latest orders placed with Sacmi Heavy Clay complete the ambitious “Planta Dual” project. The latter will allow the Argentinian firm to perform a real-time switch from brick production to roofing tile production (and vice versa), providing an effective response to market dynamics.

Sacmi Heavy Clay has been a pivotal partner in the turnkey revamp of the existing tunnel kiln (begun in 2016, now being installed), and has now completely redesigned the handling system for the roofing tile drying racks, including the below-press conveyor (RAT), up to the point where the dried tiles are transferred to the kiln car loading system.

While the automatic kiln car handling system allows rapid switching from one type of production to another, the fully renewed control logic optimizes the working of the entire machine set. This is another example of Sacmi excellence when it comes to designing and supplying latest-generation control systems.

Another part of the order regards modernization of the loading and unloading of the cars for the chamber dryer. These were automated and equipped with cutting-edge detection systems (laser reader) to ensure maximum flexibility and precision of operation. Completing the order are two drying chambers for masonry bricks. These have been fully modernized to combine increased productivity and quality with minimal energy consumption.

At the root of the customer‘s investment decision lies not just the technological excellence of individual Sacmi HC solutions, but also Sacmi‘s ability to work in close contact with the local team. This has ensured a fast, customized response that meets the specific needs of an existing production plant, making it a pivotal local player in terms of efficiency, flexibility and output quality. Currently being built at Sacmi‘s manufacturing facilities, this new plant will be delivered and started up by the end of autumn.

Sacmi Imola S.c.r.l.