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100 years of ceramic raw materials

In 1921, Adolf Gottfried started with the extraction of high-quality clay in Fonsau/Egerland in the Wildstein basin. In the time before the Second World War, Adolf Gottfried Tonwerke had evolved into...

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General Manager Anton Wiedemann retired

The Staudacher brickworks bid Anton Wiedemann farewell on his retirement at the end of April 2021. The owner Otto Staudacher thanked him for his many years of successful work. Since May 2021,...

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Faster from research to the finished product

Nowadays, 3D printing makes things possible that engineers and mechanical engineers only dared to dream about for a long time. In various fields of application and disciplines, the technology is...

Architecture photo | Architekturfoto Balthasar Children’s and Young Adults’ Hospice

Colourful clay pavers welcome the guests

Guests can feel the cheerful atmosphere that surrounds the Balthasar Hospice for Children and Young Adults in Olpe near Cologne even in the car park. The surfacing of colourful clay pavers lies like a...

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The potential to become a new standard work

The Park Books publishing house has published a 208-page book about Zurich‘s brick architecture. It points out that about one thousand brick-faced buildings erected at the end of the 19th century...