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Perhaps the biggest challenge facing us today is dealing with the coronavirus Covid-19. By the time you read my words, the situation will already be very different. Nobody knows what impact the ...

Company News | Firmennachrichten Strategic expansion

Leipfinger-Bader takes over Tonality GmbH

Ziegelwerke Leipfinger-Bader in Vatersdorf has acquired 100 % of the shares in the façade tile manufacturer Tonality in Weroth, which until the end of 2017 still operated on the market as Creaton‘s ...

International News Ceramics for a circular economy

KNB presents ‘Circular with Ceramics’ poster

The transition to a more circular economy in which the value of products, materials and resources is maintained in the economy for as long as possible and the generation of waste minimized is ...

Personalia | Personalien J.C. Steele & Sons

Fifth generation of family takes control of company

J.C. Steele & Sons is pleased to introduce the next generation of Steele family members to lead the company. Steele specializes in material preparation, feeding and shaping solutions for customers in ...