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Maxit’s mineral repair mortar for brick unites thermal insulation with structural stability

At the Bau 2017 in Munich, Franken Maxit introduced a lightweight mineral repair mortar called “maxit therm 825”. Offering both high strength and thermal insulation, this mineral repair mortar is an on-site all-rounder: for setting up the calibrating layer, for grouting vertical joints, lintels and roller blind housing, and much more.

“maxit therm 825” provides an assured minimum compressive strength of 10 N/ mm² (mortar class M10), and its thermal insulation properties correspond to those of lightweight masonry mortar class LM21. This insulating performance is achieved by adding mineral rock material like expanded clay or perlite to keep the dry apparent density at 1.3 kg/dm³ or lower. This mortar therefore satisfies the strict requirements both of Eurocode 6 and of the applicable thermal insulation directives. This not only makes it an outstanding material for the calibrating layer, but also a very versatile problem solver for sundry building site tasks: filling holes in walls, grouting vertical joints, closing up slots and chases, placing lintels and other built-in fitments, installing rolling blind enclosures or setting U-blocks. Until now, all these jobs called for numerous different mortar products.

The way this mineral repair mortar behaves in case of fire is also a major safety factor: “maxit therm 825” belongs to flame class A1 and is therefore noncombustible. Also, masons are interested not only in the quality of the finished wall, but also in the working properties of the product. One ton of dry material yields approx. 1600 l of green mortar.

Used together with Maxit’s “mortar pads”, “maxit therm 825” yields an optimal combination. While the dry mortar pads ensure an excellent masonry bond, the concrete precision block mineral repair mortar covers all other potential application requirements.

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