Sabo supplies system for loading and unloading dryer cars to Ladrillera La Clay, Colombia

Sabo Impianti Brazil, in collaboration with Sabo S.A. Greece, was contracted by Ladrillera La Clay in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, to refurbish the loading and unloading line for the dryer cars and connect it to the robotic kiln car setting machine that Sabo installed in 2015.

The La Clay plant is located in one of the most attractive and touristic cities of the country on Colombia’s Atlantic coast. Because of the many new construction projects, both hotels and social housing, it was necessary to have a brickworks locally with a high production capacity to meet the demand for high-quality clay products. In the first part of the project, a new Sabo setting machine was installed with a capacity of 600 t/day, in 16-hour operation. The new machine made it necessary to renew the equipment that feeds the products to the setting system.

Sabo has now installed an automatic system for loading the dryer cars and a new unloading system for the dried products, with continuous feed to the setting machine. With the switch from manual to automatic product feed, the production capacity of the dryer could be increased by almost 30%. The dryer cars were redesigned by Sabo S.A. so that they can now be loaded with a higher number of product units. With the help of this new system, the quality of the bricks could be improved considerably thanks to optimized handling of the wet and dry products. Moreover, the overall efficiency of the production line was improved and cost savings were realized.

Sabo S.A.