Lage der internationalen Bauwirtschaft

One thing is made clear at present by interviews and surveys among contractors and industry experts: the need for construction equipment and building materials machinery exists – despite the current sales problems of the industry. A look at the situation of the international building industry provides indications on the development of the buyer sector.

The German building industry will not be able to achieve any growth this year. The European Commission forecasts a minus of 4 %. Growth in the public building sector will probably be set against declines in the industrial and residential building sector.

In 2008 Spain and Great Britain were already severely affected by the property crisis; in particular in Spain the building industry slumped. The halving of the Spanish residential construction volume since 2007 alone documents the dramatic development. For this year too, the European Commission in its spring expertise estimates a decline of approx. 13 % for both countries.

Although in March 2009 the USA were able to record an unexpected rise in building investments of 0.3 % compared to the previous year, altogether the research enterprise Reed Construction Data still forecasts a decline of over 12 % for 2009.

In January and February 2009 the building industry in Russia slumped by 19 %. State projects like infrastructure measures in the run-up to the Olympic Games 2014 give rise to optimism.

Thanks to the growth motors China and India, Asia is likely to be the only continent this year, where the building sector will grow – despite the negative development of the volume market Japan. In particular China’s building industry is showing itself to be relatively robust.

Throughout the world the building investments in 2009 will experience their strongest decline for more than 20 years. The American economic research institute Global Insight estimates a minus of 3.7 % and only expects a consolidation in 2010, before the way back to a growth path is found in 2011 and 2012.

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