27.04.2009: Hannover Messe mobilizes industry

The world may be facing a severe economic crisis, but Hannover Messe 2009 clearly demonstrated that the industrial community is determined to overcome the challenges at hand. 'For exhibitors and visitors alike, the five days of the show provided ample evidence that leveraging one's strengths is the only way to move forward. Everyone is heading off with a shot of confidence, ready to surmount the problems they face and seize the opportunities available,' commented Deutsche Messe Managing Board Chairman Wolfram von Fritsch at the end-of-show press conference on Friday. 'Our exhibitors gave proof positive that the drive to innovate is as powerful as ever. Rather than dwelling on the crisis and agonizing over its causes, this show was about finding the most promising ways forward.'
Around 210,000 visitors came to Hannover for the event - one in four of them from abroad. 70 percent of the show's foreign visitors were from other European nations, while approximately 19 percent came from Asia and over 7 percent from the Americas. Apart from the host nation of Germany, the biggest visitor contingents came from the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, India, Denmark and Italy, in that order. 'Considering the tight travel budgets at many companies, visitor turnout from abroad was significantly higher than expected,' noted Dr. von Fritsch, who went on to equate this with the 'unflagging popularity of Hannover Messe', adding: 'Exhibitors and visitors know they can count on Hannover Messe to deliver major benefits. With its seamless coverage of industrial sectors, its strong international appeal and its unparalleled array of themes, this event is a definite 'must' for countless enterprises.'
Industry associations also gave the show top marks: 'There was a widespread spirit of optimism among the German mechanical and plant engineering firms which took part this year, despite the difficult market situation in some segments,' remarked Dr. Hannes Hesse, Executive Director of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA). 'Hannover Messe has again proven to be a reliable barometer for the prevailing mood in the sector.' A similar conclusion was drawn by the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI): 'The mood at the show has been far more positive than figures currently being reported by the electrical engineering industry,' commented ZVEI President Friedhelm Loh, adding: 'Thanks to the promising talks which our members held here with new and existing business contacts, there is ample reason to hope the crisis may soon bottom out, with some initial signs of recovery on the horizon for the second half of 2009.'
In terms of its exhibitor lineup as well, Hannover Messe resoundingly underscored its reputation as the world's leading technology event, this year featuring 6,150 exhibitors from 61 countries, with displays filling 224,800 square meters of space. Over 4,000 new products celebrated their world premiere at the show - itself a new record. Hannover Messe 2009 also scored big in terms of the international mix of exhibitors, nearly half of whom came from abroad. Italy, China, South Korea, Turkey and India headed the ranks of foreign exhibiting nations in Hannover this year.
A total of 13 flagship tradeshows running in parallel covered the entire gamut of industrial sectors - from industrial automation and power transmission to energy, subcontracting and R&D. Energy efficiency in industrial processes was a core focus throughout the show, giving visitors valuable ideas on making the most efficient use of resources and tweaking their products and processes for maximum efficiency.
The topic of energy efficiency also played a big part in the supporting program. Numerous panel discussions, forums and conferences featured debates among the experts on issues like the sustainable, efficient deployment and distribution of energy. Running under the slogan of 'Sustainable Energy Supply', the World Energy Dialogue discussed strategies for a balanced energy mix and reliable and sustainable energy supply and distribution.
Apart from addressing the issue of industrial energy consumption, the tradeshow also focused on sustainable methods for generating energy. The new 'Wind' trade fair had a highly successful debut, attracting 156 exhibitors and positioning itself as a central hub for the booming wind energy sector. In combination with two other flagship shows - 'Energy' (devoted to conventional and renewable energy generation) and 'Power Plant Technology' (devoted to the planning, construction and operation of power plants), an effective showcase for the energy mix of the future was provided by the Hannover-based event.
The theme of 'electromobility' was another big hit this year. The 'E-Motive' special show represented an opportunity for manufacturers of vehicles, systems and components to present their technologies for electric and hybrid drive systems. Hannover Messe has featured mobility technology displays for many years, and it has now been decided to bundle these technologies into a new 'MobilTec' tradeshow to be launched in 2010. The event will focus on mobility technologies, including hybrid and electric drive systems, mobile energy storage devices and alternative fuels.
The industrial subcontracting sector will now be represented under a new name - 'IndustrialSupply' - reflecting a broader range of content and concepts, including lightweight construction.
This year's Partner Country at Hannover Messe was the Republic of Korea, which offered some highly impressive presentations in the areas of industrial automation, power transmission systems and subcontracting. 210 exhibitors were on hand to showcase their solutions, make new contacts and consolidate existing business relationships. A good example was the memorandum of understanding signed between the Jülich Research Center and the Korean Institute of Energy Research (KIER) involving cooperation between both institutions in the area of fuel cell research.
Hannover Messe 2009 also provided plenty of ideas for young people planning their future careers, including the Job & Career Market, arranged by exhibitors seeking technical and managerial talent for the future. This year, the TectoYou scheme attracted more than 10,000 young people with an interest in technology. 250 school classes and student groups traveled to Hannover from throughout Germany, and 60 specially trained guides were on hand each day to take these groups on tours of the show.
Deutsche Messe AG Managing Board Chairman Dr. von Fritsch describes this year's trade fair as 'five days of constant activity. The entire fair exemplified what running a business is all about: courage, ideas and optimism.'
The next Hannover Messe will take place from 19 to 23 April 2010.

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