Snoehetta Works

Snoehetta AS (Ed.)
2009, 304 p. 200 figs., Hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-03778-147-0

Snoehetta is a leading team of architects in Norway with offices in Oslo and New York. This first-ever publication to document their work presents and illustrates the most important current and completed projects of these architects, who have been active internationally for fifteen years, and contains texts by various authors. Projects include the Library of Alexandria (2002), the New Opera House in Oslo (2008), and the Gateway Project in Ras Al-Khaimah, Dubai.

Snoehetta’s works and projects revolve around a collaboration and interchange between various disciplines. The architects attach great importance to connecting architecture with landscape architecture and interior design. In each of their projects, fundamental aspects of site, landscape, and context are freshly observed and discussed, which enables them to discover and develop a constant stream of new and varied solutions.

As part of their effort to interweave multiple disciplines, the architects of Snoehetta always involve locally and internationally well-known artists in their important projects. For Snoehetta, working together with artists from the early conceptual phase of a project onward constitutes an important factor for later stages of the process.


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